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This is the innovative present that you’ve probably been looking for! Our system identifies your customers’ wines at a glance in their cellar WITHOUT NEEDING TO MOVE THEM thanks to the CLIPOGOULO featuring your personalised branding.

What’s different about CLIPOGOULO? Produced in France in 2018, it’s almost the only accessory which will permanently make you stand out in your customer’s cellar – an excellent way of ensuring that he/she will think about – and drink – your wines!

And of course we take care of personalising CLIPOGOULO for you. We do this by placing a specific, personalised, sticker on it which withstands the conditions in the cellar. So you’ll be ever-present in your customers’ cellars!

On a non-committal basis please tell us below what your preferences are in terms of the main features of your personalised CLIPOGOULO.

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